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New York

Baldwin, Nunley’s Amusements

Nunley’s Amusements, Baldwin, Stein & Goldstein, 1980, GONE – relocated to Cradle of Aviation Museum, Garden City, NY, B Williams collection

Binghamton, Recreation Park

Binghamton, Recreation Park, Allan Herschell, OP, 1987, Anne Hinds photos

Canadiaga, Roseland Park

Canadiaga, Roseland Park, Philadelphia Toboggan Company #18, 1980’s, GONE – relocated to Destiny USA Mall, Syracuse, NY, Bob Guenthner photos, B Williams collection

Elmira, Eldridge Park

Elmira, Eldridge Park, Carmel, 1980’s, GONE – frame in use with new animals, B Williams collection

New York City, Central Park

Central Park, New York, Stein & Goldstein, 1980, OP, B Williams photos

Rochester, Ontario Beach Park

Ontario Beach Park, Rochester, Dentzel, OP, 1980, B Williams photos?

Rochester, Seabreeze Park

Rochester, Seabreeze Park, PTC #36, GONE, Burned 1994, Anne Hinds photos


Rochester, Seneca Park, PTC #36, 1915, Fred Fried PTC Archive, B Williams Collection

Rye, Playland

Rye, Playland, Carmel, 1983, OP, B Williams collection

Anne Hinds photos, 1983

Rye, Playland, Racing Derby

Rye, Playland, Racing Derby, Illions, 1983, OP, B Williams collection

Anne Hinds photos, 1983

Syracuse, Destiny USA

Syracuse, Destiny USA, PTC #18, OP, 1991, Anne Hinds photos

Queens, Flushing Meadows

Queens, Flushing Meadows, Illions (Feltman/Stubbmann mix), 1980’s, OP, Bob Guenthner photos, B Williams collection