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Celebrities – Movie and TV Shoots

Santa Monica Section

Celebrities – Movie and TV Shoots


Filming at the Santa Monica Pier – The pier has been a popular filming location for many years for both movies and TV. Here are stills from some of the movies.

List of spotted celebrities circa 1982:

Quicksand 1950 with Mickey Rooney

Night Tide, 1961 starring Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson – Hopper falls for a carnival act mermaid and fears she is a real mermaid who kills during the full cycle of the moon.

Inside Daisy Clover, 1965 – starring Natalie wood, Robert Redford, Christopher Plummer – Drama about a 15 year old girl who becomes a Hollywood star.

1965 footage from youtube user soapbxprod:

The Sting, 1973 – starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert Shaw – Two professional grifters set out to con a mob boss in Chicago in 1936.

Every Which Way but Loose, 1978 – starring Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Beverly D’Angelo – Eastwood as a fist-fighting truck driver who falls for a country and western singer.

Blood Beach, 1980 – starring John Saxon, Marianna Hall, Burt Young – Something under the sand is causing people to disappear.

Cutter’s Way, 1981 – starring Jeff Bridges, John Heard – Two friends on the trail of a murderer.

TJ Hooker – (1982 – 1984), a police drama starring William Shatner, Heather Locklear, James Darren, Adian Zmed, Richard Herd.

G. Kosteva photos

Unknown Early 80s Movie Shoot:

1995 – The Net – Action, Crime, Drama – starring Sandra Bullock. Cyber thriller in which Bullock falls victim to a conspiracy which leads to elimination of her identity and ultimately exposing the crimes.