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Carousel News and Trader Articles

carousel-corner-cnt-articles-section2Research articles from past issues of The Carousel News & Trader magazine.

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The Carousel News & Trader – The Carousels of North Beach Amusement Resort, Queens, Long Island and New York


Volume 29, #5, May 2013

A profile of the once popular amusement resort and George Kremer, carousel maker and carousel concessionaire at North Beach


The Murphy Brothers II – New Discoveries and Further Insights, by William Benjamin, Ph.D., and Barbara Williams


Volume 28, #8, August 2012

Additional new-found material about the Murphy brothers including their “first horse”.


Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel #13 Creation.

Accompanies Unique and Mysterious… PTC #13, by Marianne Stevens

Volume 28, #5, May 2012

A look at PTC 13’s locations and the confusion about its identity.


Finding PTC #16 – Tracing the Trail of a Carousel’s Demise by Marianne Stevens and Barbara Williams



Volume 27, #9, September 2011

The life of the carousel, from the beginning to the end.


The Murphy Brothers – Manufacturers and Proprietors of Carousels: Timothy and Bartholomew by William Benjamin, Ph.D. and Barbara Williams


Volume 27 #8, August 2011

The Murphy brothers, a profile, their carousel business and their carousels


Mr. Frederick Dolle: A Look at a “Carousel King” in his Heyday by William Benjamin, Ph.D. and Barbara Williams


Volume 26, #1, January 2010

New-found material about carousel assembler, Fred Dolle.


Remembering Fred Fried, The Historic Carousel’s Best Friend


Volume 23, #11, December 2007

A look at the background of the visionary behind the carousel preservation movement.


Spring Break Sun, Fun and Carousels at Balboa Fun Zone, Newport Beach

Volume 23, #9, September 2007

Currently unavailable

A history of the Fun Zone and it’s carousels.